Youn Elan, code weaver at large
Core Competencies

Lamp Developer

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP

PHP Development

  • Object Oriented
  • MVC With code igniter
  • DB with MySQLi
  • E-Commerce

Web Pages


  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Custom Made CMS

Coldfusion to PHP

  • MS SQL to MySQL
  • Cold Fusion to Wordpress
  • Cold Fusion to pure PHP PHP

MySQL Databases

  • Database Administration
  • Query Writing
  • Optimization
  • Joins & Procedures

Linux Admin

  • Install & Configuration
  • Shell Scripts
  • Cron Jobs
  • Command Line interface

Apache Admin

  • Server Configuration
  • .htaccess rules
  • SSL Certificates & DNI
  • Problem troubleshooting


  • Redhat/Centos
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Windows
  • Basic Mac knowledge
Youn Elan, code weaver at large
Code Repositories
DCExplorer - HTML5 MVC web app demo with canvas drawn map and a cron task like scheduler. Demo at
Yan - YAN - Yet another network. Demo node.js web app, social network.
MiscPHP - This repository contains misc php code like the source code to this script
Youn Elan, code weaver at large
Social Media


My name is Youness, I am a web developer and I code for fun.

I have written many web pages and used many technologies since I wrote my first page in 1995. If a skill is not on the list, I always love a challenge and I am a quick learner.

This site links to source code I wrote, demo web sites and links to a few other things I was involved in - such as my music and my poetry.

This site is running a custom script available in the Misc repository.

Also, below, you will find links to a few of my pages on the web:

webdevpower.comDrupal site where I gather some of my thoughts about computer programming
sharepoems.comMy poetry website with over 700 of my poems. Custom made site which uses plain text file to avoid database overhead. It includes a trilingual poetry generator
dcexplorer.comDCExplorer is a website built using code igniter which features HTML5 canvas drawn metro map with code igniter
friendlytomorrow.comFriendly tomorrow has my thoughts about the future
yountrisSimple tetris javascript implementation page page with some of my music LinkedIn profile me on twitter, @theseobell
resume2014My resume